The Buck Hill Art Association Scholarship – Scholarships for Art

The Buck Hill Art Association offers two types of scholarships each year: The Buck Hill Art Association Scholarship goes to one or two students who are Seniors at local high schools, and who are going on to schools of higher education in the arts. This may include fine art, drama, poetry, music, dance, and film. Applications are available at the local high schools.

The Jenkins Art Scholarship goes to an employee of the Buck Hill Falls Company, a family member of an employee, or a Buck Hill community member who is interested in studying the arts. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and the award may be given to the same individual up to three times. The award may be split between recipients but will equal the total sum of $1,000.

Applications for the Jenkins Art Scholarship are available at the Buck Hill Falls Company office. The application deadline is August 4, 2018.

All applicants need to fill out an application stating what class he/she will be taking and to explain why he/she wishes to take it. The class does not need to be at an institute of higher learning, but the scholarships are for students who are graduating from high school or continuing in their post-high school studies. For more information, please contact Claire O’Mara (570-595-3685).

Artist In Residence

In the summer of 2016 the Association revived a tradition that began in the 1930’s hosting working artists in Buck Hill. Advantages to artists in this environment are time and space to work outside the pressures of other obligations.

Thomas Riesing and his wife Marcia Goldenstein, emeritus faculty at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, spent the last two weeks of July in Buck Hill as guests of the Association gathering material for future work. Riesing’s silverpoint drawings of Jenkins Woods were the subject of an exhibition in Knoxville, TN this pasts winter.

The program will continue this summer.

Here is a view of some of Mr. Riesing’s work at Buck Hill last summer:

  • Pocono Escarpment 1
    Pocono Escarpment 1
    Oil, painted by Tom Reisling, 2016, viewed from Buck Hill
  • Pocono Escarpment 2
    Pocono Escarpment 2
    Oil, painted by Tom Reisling, 2016, viewed from Buck Hill
  • Pocono Escarpment 3
    Pocono Escarpment 3
    Oil, painted by Tom Reisling, 2016, viewed from Buck Hill